Z-Factor Newsletter | Issue 51

Team Kobra is very excited to say that we had a great practice session this past Sunday with Kobra sounding sweeter than ever after the rebuild! I will be driving Kobra this coming Friday 17 June at the Steineck Lodge National 4XTR Championship event near Rustenburg with Ntanga as co-driver. This will be my first National event as driver since 11 years when I drove Grizelda with Machiel Oberholzer as co-driver, that's a seriously long time ago!

Other Team Z-Factor news is that Arno converted his vehicle to right hand drive so he can place the car better when things get hectic which it often does in this sport! He also replaced his Hilux rear diff with a Cruiser unit after he ripped the crown wheel teeth right off at Midvaal. I believe Saturday will be the turning point in his performance this season, you can bet money on that.

Hanko and Hesma had their gearbox output shafts replaced after troubles at Midvaal, let's hope their vehicles behave this weekend. Hesma has really improved substantially since the end of last season, I believe the new set of Bilstein dampers fitted to Bolt at the end of last season has a lot to do with this.

Barrie Drenth has been amongst the front runners for most of the season so far and is looking forward to another set of good finishes this weekend. Changes to the valving of his Bilstein dampers two events ago has yielded a solid improvement in grip and suspension suppleness and we look forward to Barrie mixing it in the bunch at the head of the pack!

The event will be held at Steineck Lodge near Rustenburg, check out the attached picture for more info and GPS waypoints to the event. Hope to see you there!