Z-Factor Newsletter | Issue 50

Team Z-Factor Racing arrived at the Rustenburg round of the SA National 4XTR Championship on Saturday 9 April in full force! All 4 our vehicles run on Maxxis tyres and Bilstein dampers and despite the fact that we experienced some teething problems here and there, I am very proud to advise that Barrie Drenth snatched 3rd place on the day ahead of a tough field of competitors!

Of equal significance is the 6th position that Hesma Swart managed on a track that was much more challenging and downright daunting than anything else that has been thrown at us in recent years, well done Hesma! Hesma flourished with the special Bilstein dampers we developed for her and it was amazing to watch her floating over unbelievably steep and uneven terrain at pace while keeping very good contact with mother earth, great stuff to behold!

Hanko tried out the brand new Maxxis Trepador competition tyres in 35" size for the first time and reports a huge improvement in grip! Unfortunately they broke a rear diff early in the day (maybe too much grip from those Trepadors!).  This was replaced but cost them much needed points. Later in the afternoon they were hampered by a faulty alternator which robbed their rotary engine of spark and they basically missed the last two obstacles as a result.

Arno fitted my set of Kobra dampers to his new competition 4x4 but battled to keep things right side up! His new 4x4 is around 300kg lighter than Kobra and there simply was too much damping. Arno is used to the plush suspension we developed with Bilstein for Kobra and before he could adjust to the new reality, he rolled his 4x4 twice very hard in the 3rd obstacle which twisted his chassis  badly in the front. This made the car crab significantly and combined with the unfamiliar left hand drive layout of this car it reduced Arno to a whimper for the rest of the competition, not what we have come to expect of him but this was the reality on the day.

Click here for action pictures taken by me at Rustenburg. You can also visit here for action pictures taken by my friend Dirk Luus.

And so we live to fight another day, much work will be done to improve the various issues before the next event near Midvaal on 28 May, watch this space!