Z-Factor Newsletter | Issue 48

And so Team Kobra made a last bow at the Autosport International motor show in Birmingham the second week of January this year. Kobra took centre stage on the Bilstein stand with one wheel lifted 900mm in the air and firmly planted on a specially fabricated steel pedestal, quite something to see! Click here to see pictures of Kobra with wheel on stand and me in a suit and tie on the Bilstein stand!

ThyssenKrupp Bilstein UK shipped Kobra over for the show. They also flew me over to assist in getting Kobra shiny clean for the show and to devise a method to get his wheel onto that pedestal without raising too many safety concerns at the show! In the end this was done easily with an engine removal hydraulic hoist called a "slurpie" in Afrikaans!

Our sincere thanks goes to Richard Anderson and his darling wife Sam who put me up in their home for a number of days before the show. Also to the rest of the Bilstein team that made my visit so special, it was an awesome experience that will not be forgotten, thank you all!

Kobra has now been loaded in a container and is making his way back to Durban by ship where he is expected to land on 28 February, just in time for the first National on 12 March! At this stage it is not 100% clear what fate holds in store for Kobra but first prize is that Arno will buy him and carry on competing. I will not be co-driver again this season, got other things to do you know, but I will still be active as team manager for Arno, Hanko and Hesma competing in the Maxxis SA National 4XTR Championship, see you around!