Z-Factor Newsletter | Issue 44

Team Kobra is very excited to tell you that Bilstein UK has offered to ship Kobra over to England to be part of their stand at the Autosport International motor show from 14 to 17 January, yeah baby! You can watch the action packed video showing off Kobra's incredible cat-like performance here thanks to our incredible Bilstein / Eibach suspension, this video made Bilstein decide to get Kobra over there and onto their stand!

We are now hard at work to get Kobra prepared for the last event of the Maxxis SA National 4XTR Championship at Ermelo on 7 November, looking good so far. After that we only have one short week to clean Kobra from all traces of plant and soil material so we don't have issues getting it into the UK, then he goes into a container for the journey overseas!

The last bit of exciting news is that I will be flown over in early January to help get Kobra prepped for the show and then to help man the Bilstein stand, all VERY exciting!