Z-Factor Newsletter | Issue 40

Team Kobra is really proud to announce that we had a great day at the 5th event of the Maxxis SA National 4XTR Championship Event on Saturday 25 July near Durban to finish on the podium, yeah baby! The hard work done by our sponsors Elinem Engineering and Bradbri Engineering to manufacture new prop shafts from billet machined Weldox 700 steel made a huge difference to Kobra. Combined with these strong new parts, Kobra also sported new engine and gearbox mounts fabricated by Carl van Vuuren’s guys at Wrought Iron Legends. The final important upgrade was that we learnt to use 3rd gear on the longer slopes instead of 2nd gear, this worked like an absolute charm and Arno was able to really showcase the incredible grip of our Maxxis tyres and the awesome performance of our Bilstein suspension!
The fact that two of our main rivals didn’t make it to the start line did us a huge favour and both Arno and I moved up the overall championship leader board a notch or two! There are still 3 events left in the Championship and we have everything to play for.
I compiled a short action packed video of Team Kobra at the very last obstacle of the day in the pouring rain, check it out here, it’s a real pleasure to watch!
The next event will take place near Rustenburg on 22 August, please note this date. We will forward more details of the event closer to the time and hope to see many of our local friends and supporters there!