Z-Factor Newsletter | Issue 31

Team Kobra with Arno Drenth as driver and Koos Zietsman as co-driver is extremely proud to announce that we won our debut event in the Modified class of the Maxxis SA National 4XTR Championship near Parys on 7 February! This is even more remarkable considering that we only managed a 30 minute practice session on the Friday afternoon before the event and that the turbo on the engine we borrowed from Kwagga was totally blown, but there you have it folks, a win is a win!

We are also very proud to announce that Team Maxxis members filled the podium, Team Kobra 1st, Asterix (Leon Gouws and Peter Spittal ) 2nd and Team Ultimate 4x4 (Barrie Drenth and Brendon Gird) snatching 3rd spot, a great start to the season for Maxxis!

For great action pictures click here or click here for the new Team Kobra video, we hope you enjoy them.

Our next event is near Rustenburg on Saturday 14 March, more details to follow, keep a sharp lookout.

If you are on Facebook and want to join us, please find us at Team Kobra 4x4, like the page and you will be kept up to date as things unfold!