Z-Factor Newsletter | Issue 26

And so the pieces of the Kobra puzzle keep falling into place……
Click "here" to view our sparkling new steering cylinder that was designed and manufactured by Pro-Hydraulics and delivered today. This cylinder is no easy push-over, those shafts are 35mm thick and the rod-end bearings are 25mm units (only one shown in the picture), we mean business! This will be combined with an orbital valve which Pro-Hydraulics have already supplied to give us accurate and very powerful control of Kobra’s steering!
We also received a brand new steering oil cooler complete with 12V electric fan from Ventura Engineering Equipment yesterday, click “here” to view this combination. We used one of these oil coolers very effectively on Kwagga for two seasons and never had any steering oil overheating issues.
As I write this, Delberg Engineering are hard at work building our new frame which is scheduled for delivery early next week! I was there yesterday and the quality of the build and welding is simply amazing, we plan to bring you pictures of the completed frame by mid next week, keep your eyes peeled!
Lastly, Elinem Engineering are hard at work welding all the brackets onto our front and rear axles to work with the new suspension layout, we hope to bring you pictures of the completed front axle some time next week.
The Kobra train is still on track and headed for a date with destiny at Parys on 7 February next year. Having said that, I see many late nights, blood, sweat and bloody hard work ahead for the group of people that have committed to make this possible, watch this space!