Z-Factor Newsletter | Issue 24

The 2014 Maxxis SA National 4XTR season may be finished, but Team Ultimate 4x4 are hard at work improving / fixing / overhauling our 4x4 in anticipation of next season! The list of activities we are currently busy with are:

  • Overhaul / check front and rear differentials
  • Open up our gearbox, check for any signs of impending doom, giving it a bit of TLC and putting it back together again so we know we start with a fresh gearbox.
  • Replace the clutch kit. Our turbo charged engine is a bit on the strong side for the clutch and pressure plate so we have to replace this on a regular basis. Maybe we can figure something out that is more durable for next year, watch this space…..
  • Fabricating a new radiator cowling to work with thee high capacity electric fan we bought from Ventura Engineering earlier this year. The cowling will ensure that the air flows over the entire area of the huge radiator to give us the best possible cooling for that busy little turbo-charged engine!
  • Fit dual fuel pumps with Parker inline strainers ahead of the pumps to ensure we don’t get gunk into the pumps and also do not cause too much pressure drop before the pumps, this causes fuel cavitation and Is a sure way of destroying a pump in just a couple of months. The dual pumps is so we have a back-up if one pump fails like what happened to us at Molteno.
  • We did a bit of surgery on the tubular frame to reduce weight (just a bit) and to improve ground clearance in critical areas (more than just a bit!)
  • We are building a spare set of bead lock rims which will carry our race tyres. The current set will become our practice wheels. We found this year that with all the practicing we did between races, our tyres took a heavy beating and we did not race with tyres in their best condition. Next year we want to arrive at events with the freshest possible Maxxis rubber underneath us!
  • We are fabricating new body panels which will be more robust and the whole car will get a fresh paint job and new stickers so it looks the part!
  • Almost like the AA’s 50 point check-up before you buy a car, we are doing a 250+ point check-up on our car to make sure everything is in best possible working order before the fighting begins next year! This takes time but we found that it helps to focus the mind and also to give one a feeling of confidence in your equipment.
  • We are busy replacing some pirate parts that were fitted last year while building the car to keep the costs down with the genuine Toyota parts now. In most areas of a 4XTR racing truck, you need the very best parts you can get and in most cases genuine Toyota beats the Pirates every time…..
  • Lastly, we are getting our spare parts sorted out and packed so we have most of the major items that could cause a simple breakage to cost you a whole bunch of points on a racing event, we want to avoid as much of this as we can!

Team Ultimate 4x4 is in a good place and looking forward to start next season much better and wiser than at the beginning of this season, watch us, we have big plans!
Barrie & Brendon