Z-Factor Newsletter | Issue 23

Let’s start this newsletter with great news: Team Kobra has received confirmation that we will once again be sponsored by Maxxis Tyres for the 2015 season! Both Arno and I have a relationship with Jon Wen and Maxxis Tyres stretching back to 2006 and we are really thrilled to remain members of Team Maxxis for next year.
In the meantime, Kobra has started taking shape and we plan to share regular updates now that Kwagga has reached the end of his racing career. Kwagga is being stripped down for donor parts and what remains will be sold separately. Some of the more useful items are the gearbox and transfer case, they are the same units as fitted to the Cruiser FJ76 station wagon. Then there is the bell housing, flywheel, pressure plate, release mechanism etc. to adapt this gearbox to the 1JZ engine. Any takers out there?
Yesterday we received all the radius arms for Kobra from Bradbri Engineering, see picture on our website. These units were supplied complete with either 25mm rod-end bearings or HEYD steering ball joints fitted to the ends depending on how the attachments on the chassis have been designed. The radius arms are made from solid EN 19 Condition “T” (spring steel), which means they can withstand more than normal abuse. Bradbri had them GunKoted for increased corrosion protection and resistance to scratching, one never knows what happens down there you know!
The detail drawings for the tubular space frame are being generated at a furious pace by Ruann vd Merwe from Ngena Design Space and Delberg Engineering started bending pipes and fabricating the frame today. We plan te receive the welded space frame by end November after which the really difficult work of integrating Kobra starts in earnest! I posted pictures on our website of some of the pipe frame detail drawings just to wet your appetite, we hope to bring you pictures of the real deal pretty soon!
In addition to the above, the guys at Elinem Engineering are hard at work modifying our front axle housing to accept the new suspension elements, we hope to have that back from them by next week so we can start assembling the axle to be ready by the time we want to start integration of the complete vehicle. Elinem are also machining a number of parts for our suspension and progress there is sure and should be finished before the end of the month.
Lastly (sort of), our hydraulic steering cylinder is nearing completion at Pro-Hydraulics, yeah baby! They have already supplied our orbital valve to control the steering, the puzzle pieces are falling into place now!
Lastly (really!), I have just received word from Bilstein UK that our new coil-over dampers will be ready for shipping by the end of this week! They will be joined in the box by a variety of Eibach coil-over springs which should put us in the best possible position to optimise Kobra’s suspensions for next year’s battles, hell yeah baby!
Arno and I are ready and Kobra is taking good shape, so hold on to your horses, 2015 is going to be a bumper year for 4XTR enthusiasts!
Did I mention that Brett Law and Rory Flett are making major changes to their already competitive 4x4’s for next year? Or that both Hanko Swart and Lukas Holtzhausen are also building completely new 4x4’s for the Modified Class for next season? All-in-all I count 7 past and present National Champion Drivers in this class for next year, the result will be spectacular, of that I’m sure!