Z-Factor Newsletter | Issue 21

And so another racing season ends and Team Kwagga have to be satisfied with 2nd position in the Street Legal Locker Class for the second year in a row, eish! We were well prepared for the last event of the season at Molteno on Saturday 8 November, but breaking all 12 studs on the left front hub in obstacle 4 cost us dearly. We made no points in this obstacle and missed the next one fixing Kwagga. When we returned to the fray, our opposition had stacked up a 120 point lead which proved to be impossible to erase in the remaining obstacles, so we had to be satisfied with 4th position on the day. Click on this link to view some action pictures of Kwagga at Molteno taken by my friend Tonie Botes:

On a more positive note, Barrie and Brendon in their Team Ultimate 4x4 vehicle took a well-deserved 3rd position for the day and 4th overall in the ultra-competitive Modified Class in their maiden year, very well done guys!
That was the season that was, now we look forward to next season when we will be competing in the Modified Class with Kobra, the new 4x4 that we are building. I plan to keep you updated with news and images as the build progresses, stick with us!