Z-Factor Newsletter | Issue 14

This is a reminder that the second last round of the Maxxis SA National 4XTR Racing Championship will take place near Rayton / Cullinan next Saturday 11 October. I will send out directions and GPS waypoints next week closer to the time, in the meantime please make a knot somewhere so you will remember! This will be the second last time that Kwagga will be in action, the last time will be at Molteno in the Eastern Cape on 8 November. After that we strip Kwagga to the bone and use the parts to build Kobra for next season.
The design of Kobra is making great progress thanks to Ruann at Ngena Design Space who does the CAD design work for us. I am really having a ball designing our new 4x4! I hope and trust that Team Kobra with Arno Drenth driving and me doing the co-driver duties will make our sponsors, supporters and friends proud next year!
Watch this space and visit our website at regularly, we will add some fresh CAD images of Kobra early next week, yeah baby!