Z-Factor Newsletter | Issue 7

Z-Factor is very proud to unveil our replacement Gearbox Spool and Spline Shaft for the popular Camry gearbox used by many 4XTR competitors! It consists of a spool to replace the diff and a spline shaft that runs through the internal splines in the spool and is made from 300M ultra strong steel. The splines accept Hilux flanges front and back. The photos show the basic components as well as what it looks like with a standard Hilux flange on one side and a Trail Tough disconnect imported by Ultimate Offroad on the other end. Barrie Drenth in his Team Ultimate 4x4 will use this setup for the first time at the Brits event this coming Saturday 23 August. We plan to manufacture 4 more units, contact us if you are interested. We can sell the spline shaft and spool at R3500 per set thanks to my friend Andy Daws who brought in 4 pieces of 300M steel from England last week!
Please visit our website at regularly, over the last couple of weeks we have added new and exciting content nearly every day! There is something for just about everyone, the latest addition is the Z-Factor story complete with photographs on the "Home"  tab, we hope you enjoy it! Later this week we will add a new tab, keep on coming back to see what it's all about!
Lastly, please remember this coming weekend (23 August) is the 6th round of the Maxxis SA National 4XTR Championship near Brits, about 50km north west of Pretoria. Directions and GPS waypoints to the venue will be sent out on Wednesday…