Z-Factor Newsletter | Issue 6

Many weeks have passed since our previous newsletter regarding the design and building of Kobra, our new Modified Class 4x4 for next season. The Atlas transfer case which was adjudged non-compliant with the regulations for this class has been returned to Advance Adapters in California for which we have to thank them very much! What a pity though…
The 4-speed Cruiser gearbox we bought from N1 4x4 has also been returned for credit, thanks guys! We already spent a good chunk of that credit on rebuild parts for our new front diff centre portion, with a bit of luck we get that back from the rebuilder any day now.
The breakthrough in solving our gearbox / transfer case dilemma came from Lynton and Bruce Swatton at Ultimate Offroad in Benoni. They sold us a Toyota 3S 4WD gearbox which is quite a bit stronger than the run-of-the-mill 2-litre Camry front wheel drive gearboxes many of our competitors favour. You see, we have more horses on tap and we need stronger, you know what I mean!
Our friend Ted Garstang at Imcomex came to the party with a very good price on a LUK clutch kit for a AUDI V8 Quattro. This kit was suggested by Fanna Engineering due to its small (240mm) clutch diameter but extremely stiff pressure plate to transmit a lot of torque in a small package. We paid Fanna to machine a new flywheel that fits our 1JZ crank, starter ring gear (which came from the flex plate that was on the engine when we bought it) and the above LUK pressure plate. He also machined an adapter to connect the engine with the 3S gearbox. Sorted!
Now Team Kobra is firing on all 6 cylinders again and the design will pick up speed, seriously! More news will follow as the plot unfolds.
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Lastly, please diarise Saturday 23 August when the next round of the Maxxis SA National 4XTR Championship will take place near Brits in North West Province, we hope to see many of you out there!