Z-Factor Newsletter | Issue 5

Team Kwagga is really proud to welcome Barrie Drenth and Brendon Gird to the Z-Factor family! They have competed in the Modified Class in the colours of Ultimate 4x4 since the start of the year and have made steady progress towards the front of the pack since then. Barrie approached me some weeks ago to act as their team manager to assist them with improving coverage for their sponsors and the rest is history!
The first step was to add their team profile to our website at on the “About” page, remember to hit the “F5” button so the page can refresh and you can see the Team Ultimate 4x4 content that has been added, I hope you like it! We also added a new page to the website for them, just click on the “Ultimate 4x4” tab at the top and it will take you to their new personalised web page, voila! Note that this part is still very much under development, come back regularly and see how this page grows with fresh content!
Welcome on board guys, we hope you enjoy the ride!