Z-Factor Newsletter | Issue 4

Guys and Girls, as if the video of the past weekend’s action at Durban wasn’t enough already, we have added pictures of the action to our Gallery tab on our website at, the pictures are with compliments from Paul Ruschenbaum and his video team at 4x4 Video (

We have also added a new tab with pictures of the early 4x4 Challenge years to our website, from 2000 to 2005 when I competed with Grizelda and also 2006 when I was co-driver for Machiel Oberholzer in Boz! There is a new tab at the top called “4x4 ’00-‘06”, if you can’t see it first time around, just hit the F5 key to refresh and scroll with us through memory lane!

Our next event is near Brits on Saturday 23 August, more details will follow closer to the time but please diarise the date already! Lots of action is guaranteed, don’t miss it again!