Z-Factor Newsletter | Issue 2

After a rather stormy last couple of weeks, Team Kwagga is quietly optimistic about a good showing at the 5th round of the Maxxis South African National 4XTR Championship this coming Saturday 26 July near Durban. The venue will once again be the High Stakes Ranch halfway between Durban and Pietermaritzburg, the GPS waypoints are S29.76046° E30.58131°. We hope to see our KZN friends out there in force!
The storminess I refer to above was caused by a short e-mail I received from Hanko Swart advising me to look carefully at the rules for the Modified class regarding the legality of the Atlas transfer case we intended to use in next year’s 4x4. I will spare you the blow-by-blow details of what entailed save to tell you that the Technical Committee declared the Atlas not suitable for use in the Modified class. This is due to the fact that it could not be proven that it had been used in the production of more than 50 vehicles under 3500kg by a recognised manufacturer. Klaar gelag!
So we licked our wounds (of a financial nature) and now we look towards the future. I must say that this little saga caused the design of Kobra to wobble and we did sort of nothing the last 4 weeks or so! The new plan is to use a Camry 3.0 litre gearbox coupled to Kwagga’s 1JZ turbo charged engine, much like a number of the other competitors in the Modified Class do with the 2litre Camry gearbox and a 4-cylinder turbo charged engine. We are searching for the right gearbox at the moment and once we find it, the design will commence in all earnest again.
The new Z-Factor website ( created quite a bit of interest and I’m happy to say that tonight we stand at 9905 hits, yeah baby! I plan to add pictures and a story on our earlier years (2000 to 2007)  in the 4x4 Challenges soon, keep visiting the website, I plan to keep it alive and vibrant!