Z-Factor Newsletter | Issue 1

Z-Factor, my trade name since I raced motorcycles in the 80’s, is alive and well again! The recent move from Team Kwagga to Team Kobra for next year landed me in a quandary, what to do with the Team Kwagga stuff and yet move on to Team Kobra? In the end the answer was simple, combine everything that I’m involved with under one umbrella, Z-Factor!


Thanks to Annarie Paterson (Patzwi Design House,, we have completed most of the move away from our old website to the new one at! You are invited to visit our new website and snoop around, just hit the F5 key often to reload the pages so you get to see the latest info! There is a lot of new content, most notably Team Matjien which is the motorcycle Enduro racing team I have been managing since 2010. Also notable is the new tab for the motorcycle road racing I did back in the 80’s, check this out under the new tab called “Z-Factor Racing ’80 – ‘90”. There is a load of new pictures, articles and videos in these new sections, share it, join our mailing list, let’s take this to the next level!


Note that the website is still under construction, we would really appreciate your comments / criticisms / compliments, please e-mail them to me at