Team Kwagga Newsletter | Issue 16

Team Kwagga is thrilled to announce that the design of Kobra, our Modified Class 4x4 competition vehicle for next season is really progressing well! Not only is the design going ahead at great speed, we also managed to source a number of major components this week that we need to build it as well!
To start off with, I scraped money together and paid for the Atlas transfer case that we are importing from Advance Adapters in the USA.This is the weapon of choice in just about any form of serious 4x4 competition in the US and is more or less bullet proof. Lynton Swatton from Ultimate Offroad has been an absolute star in helping us to import this bit of kit. We also want to thank Vic and Chuck at Advance Adapters who have been very patient and helpful over the last month or two to help me thrash out the specification of exactly what we need. Thanks guys, we can hardly wait for it to arrive!
The next bit of good news is that we received the parts required to adapt Kwagga's 6-cylinder 1JZ turbo-charged Toyota engine to the 4-speed Cruiser gearbox we bought from N1 4x4 some weeks ago. We ordered these Genuine Toyota parts through Barrie Drenth at Ultimate 4x4 . There are some challenges remaining in this department as neither the adapter that ties the engine to the bell housing nor the flywheel fit to the 1JZ engine. We will design and develop solutions and hopefully this will be completed by end July if all goes well.
We are now getting ready for a bit of sci-fi as well! We will fit our spare engine to the gearbox with all the new parts and then take it to Venter Consulting Engineers in Centurion who will use spatial scanning to digitize the assembly and give us a 3-D CAD model of the whole things that is accurate to less than 1mm! It's an amazing process, I have seen the results and it felt like watching a sci-fi movie, but it’s reality! Once this is done, I will share images of the outcome with you. This CAD 3-D model will be used to do an accurate CAD design and will speed up the process of building the frame with all the required brackets to fit the major components which in turn will make integration of the vehicle a lot simpler and faster. Our plan is to have Kobra running by December this year, just one short month after Kwagga competes in the last event of this year's Championship!
To complete the connection between engine and gearbox, our long-time friend Ted Garstang at Imcomex is busy finding the exact LUK clutch kit to fit the new parts and this should also be a thing of the past early next week!
Finally, I spent the afternoon at N1 4x4 just north of Pretoria on Friday and am thrilled to tell you that we now have just about all the parts we need to build really strong front and rear axles for Kobra! Sidney and Schalk at N1 4x4 were most helpful in finding the parts I needed and together we worked out a payment / parts exchange plan that works for both parties, awesome stuff!
As far as the design of the vehicle is concerned, I made good progress with the overall layout of the vehicle during the past week. Major progress was made with the suspension geometry to get the vehicle to behave the way we want to and I'm happy with that part. We are now at a point where Paul Jordaan has compiled a basic CAD model of the suspension linkages and axles and this will be used to work out the optimal layout of the prop shafts to ensure we don't build something that will eat prop shafts for breakfast!
And that is most of the news for this week as far as Kobra is concerned, watch this space for more news and updates as the process evolves!