Team Kwagga Newsletter | Issue 14

Since our early exit at Midvaal  on 24 May, Team Kwagga has been licking wounds and getting ready to be fighting fit again for the KZN event on 26 July! The failed component in our front axle that side-lined us turned out to be a failed CV joint. Yes, the super-duper Chrome-Moly 30-spline Longfield version all the way from the USA! Fortunately, these items come with a Lifetime guarantee and with the help of Lynton Swatton from Ultimate Offroad we expect the replacement parts to be in our hands within next week, yeah baby!
In a previous newsletter I mentioned that Team Kwagga has some exciting news to share and now is as good a time as ever for that. Arno and I decided to build a Modified Class car for next year. Just like that!
Kwagga is an impressive animal, but our panel beating expenses are not fun anymore! In addition, we hanker for the Whap-Whap days when we competed against each other in the early 2000’s with Grizelda and Mutley! We understand that things have moved on considerably since then, but we really want to compete in something that we can drive with passion and flair and just a little bit of wildness!
We are thrilled that most of our current sponsors have already agreed to stick with us for next season and it’s awesome to announce that The Hydraulic Connection (THC), Maxxis Tyres, Bilstein, N1 4x4, Elinem Engineering and Bradbri Engineering will again be part of our 4XTR racing activities for 2015! The new car will be called Kobra, simply because it will be painted yellow and will spend most of its life with the front in the air like a rearing Cape Cobra! Oh, and we believe it will bite, often….
The plan is to use Kwagga as a donor vehicle to save costs. We will use those components that are strong enough (engine, cooling system, rear axle, front chrome-moly side shafts & CV joints, bead-lock rims) and sell those that aren’t (gearbox, transfer case, front differential). Then there are also a lot of expensive components that we can use like fuel system, seats, safety belts, engine management system, gauges, battery etc. We did the costing exercise and it makes better sense this way than trying to sell Kwagga, with all the wrinkled body panels I just know we won’t find a suitable buyer easily!
Once we actually start the design on CAD, we will share images and technical details with you because I know that some of you are interested in the nitty-gritty details.
Did I mention that the Atlas transfer case from Advance Adapters in California is already on order? And that the Cruiser 4-speed gearbox has been bought from N1 4x4? And that all the parts required to connect Kwagga’s trusty 1JZ turbo-charged engine to the gearbox has been bought from Toyota Motorsport and Imcomex? And that Elinem Engineering is already machining the special aluminium adapter (designed by my friend Paul Jordaan) that will connect the Atlas transfer case to the Cruiser gearbox? And that my friends at Bilstein UK are already designing special new coil-over dampers with remote canister, 335mm travel and integrated hydraulic bump stops just for Kobra?

Roll on Team Kobra!