Team Kwagga Newsletter | Issue 13

Team Kwagga bombed out of the Midvaal Maxxis South African National 4XTR Championship event on Saturday after just 4 obstacles. We had a great start in the time trial though, what absolute exhilaration to sit next to Arno when things get kind’a loose! Check out the awesome pictures my son Jimmy took of this section on or website at This time around I also got to put a short action video together, this is available on our website and Youtube at this link, check it out!

Just 3 obstacles after the time trial we blew something in the front diff after trying to get ourselves unstuck, real pity. Unfortunately we had no spares, so we just had to load Kwagga on the trailer and head on home. We will find out what it was this week and give feedback in a newsletter to follow.

Our new Bilstein dampers with integrated hydraulic bump stops worked like a charm while we were mobile, so at least we have something to smile about. Now we have to fix that front diff and come back strong again for the next event near Durban on 26 July, we'll keep you posted!

We are very proud that we had young supporters there on Saturday complete with Team Kwagga banner, thanks to Chris Viljoen from our main sponsor THC who brought his two sons along complete with Kwagga banner, yeah baby! We know they are great Kwagga fans and what a pleasant surprise to see them waving their banner on Saturday! Check out their picture on our website.

Team Kwagga will make an announcement of our plans for the 2015 season later this week, watch this space for some really exciting news!