Team Kwagga Newsletter | Issue 9

The 4th event of the 2014 Maxxis SA National 4XTR Championship will be held at Malonjeni Guest Farm on Saturday 24 May. The GPS waypoints for this event are S 26deg 36.159' E 28deg 09.689’. The action starts at 09h00 in the morning and carries on till late afternoon. Entrance fee to the event is only R40 per adult, you will have to go far to get this much bang-for-your-buck!

The 4x4 action coincides with the Outdoor X show, please visit their website for more info on what's on display at

The Championship log in our class (Street Legal Lockers) was pretty crowded at the top after 2 events with only a sigle point covering 1st to 4th position! Team Kwagga was slightly behind the leaders in joint 3rd position, one point behind.  Fortunately, the 3rd event of the Championship held at Wesvaal 2 weeks ago shook things up considerably and Team Kwagga now sits at the top of the log with a nice margin to 2nd place thank you very much!

Team Kwagga received the latest development by Bilstein UK two weeks ago, a set of new dampers with integrated hydraulic bump stops! Near the end of the damper travel, the compression damping increases 4 times thanks to a novel development done by my friends at Bilstein UK. The idea is to reduce the impact on the rubber bump stops when the vehicle lands heavily after some air time, thus reducing stress in the axles and also ensuring that the vehicle doesn’t hop back into the air uncontrolled after the landing. We fitted these units yesterday and plan to test them in the next week or two at Gerotek, watch this space for news and a video!

Please visit our website at regularly for action pictures, news, specifications and the latest Championship Score Sheets.