Team Kwagga Newsletter | Issue 6

After a slow start to the season 5 weeks ago at Parys, Team Kwagga stepped up to the plate at Polokwane on Saturday to deliver a great performance and finish in 2nd position for the day. We were beaten by a very small margin by Roelf Kruger in his new Lexus powered Jeep.
The competition was stiff, the obstacles were very impressive and Arno and I had a great day as a team. I believe this was the most polished performance that we have delivered to date, Kwagga, driver and co-driver functioning as one coherent team, awesome stuff I tell you!
Our class is extremely tightly packed in the Championship after the first two events, a single point difference between 1st and 4th position overall in the Championship! Considering that a win garnishes 30 points, you can imagine how close things are.
Please visit <>  for some great action shots that my son Jimmy took of Team Kwagga on Saturday, Yeah Baby!